Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering services include:

  • Site Development/Site Plans
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Storm Sewer systems
  • Detention Pond Design
  • Private and Public Roadways
  • Parking Lot Design
  • Municipal Water Systems
  • Grading & Drainage Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Design
  • Retaining Walls Design
  • Hydraulics and Hydrology Design
  • Project Site Evaluation
  • Permitting

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering services include:

  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • Piperack and Pipe support Design and Engineering
  • Structural Foundation Design
  • Foundation Design for Equipment (Vertical/Horizontal/Pumps/Skids)
  • Seismic and Wind Force Engineering
  • Industrial and Power Control Buildings
  • Structural Evaluations and Retrofit Design for Existing Structures
  • Building and Equipment Layout
  • Foundation Design for Buildings
  • Modular design
  • Residential Buildings and Accessories
  • Engineering Analysis and Design of Billboards and Telecommunications Towers

Seismic Engineering

In addition to our proven strength in general structural engineering, Piramede Consulting Engineers provides specialized engineering services in the design of the structural seismic and wind restraint system for building components. Our engineering work in this area includes numerous projects that include:

  • Federal, State and Municipal Buildings (US-FDA, US-Veterans Affairs, Granite Mountain Records)
  • Private (Country Music Hall of Fame, EBay Customer Service Center, Aria Condominiums)
  • Universities (University of Washington, Vanderbilt University, University of Utah)
  • Major Corporations (Boeing Aircraft Company, Walmart Corporation, Verizon Communications)
  • Hospitals (Methodist Hospital, Affinity Medical Center, Miami Valley Hospital)

Precast Concrete Panels

Whether it is top lifting, edge lifting or face lifting, Piramede Consulting Engineers, Inc. performs comprehensive finite element analysis of each tilt-up panel to determine the most suitable locations for the lifting brackets, ensuring safe lifting of the panels while significantly reducing the possibility of panel cracking. Our services include bracing and lifting analysis and design; and design and locating of connection inserts.

Construction Management

Piramede Consulting Engineers onsite services provide a continuous link from the design office to installation in the field. Construction support is important because the success of a project depend on correct and optimal implementation of practical designs in the field. Utilization of Piramede’s construction management services assures savings in both project costs and time. Our Construction Management services include:

  • Field Engineering
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Scheduling/Task Coordination Assistance
  • Bid Solicitation and Supplier Liaison
  • General Supervision and Administration
  • Installation Observation
  • Preparation of Project Manuals
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Quality Control – Materials and Workmanship
  • Cost and Progress Control
  • Ensuring Compliance with Contract Documents
  • Ensuring Compliance with Authorities

Project Management

Strong project management for any project is crucial for successful completion of the project. Piramede’s project management services provide streamlined communication among project stakeholders, align project goals, develop comprehensive and realistic schedules, manage resources and information, make ideal decisions on your behalf, meet project benchmarking, provide value-added solutions, and facilitate project deliverables to the completion of the project. Our Project Management services include:

  • Project Specs and Design Criteria preparations
  • Contract Administration
  • Design Management
  • Client Representation Services
  • Value Engineering/Optimization
  • Bid evaluation
  • Quality Management